Parent Testimonials


Here are a few words from some of our parents about their experience at Cozy Baby Child Care:

Thank you so much for watching and taking such good care of Brendan, you are a wonderful caregiver and teacher.

Dear Gina,
Thank you so much for all the love and care you have given to Izaak and all of the guidance and indispensable advice you’ve given to Ryan and me over the last 2.5 years! We are so grateful. Please keep in touch. We and especially Izaak, will miss you dearly!
~Love Traci, Ryan and Izaak


We cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do for Izaak.  He is learning words and the alphabet so quickly and I know that it is because you work with him.  We are so grateful.
Thank you,
Traci and Ryan

Our second child has had a fantastic, reassuring experience at Cozy Baby Child Care. Located near Red Morton Park is very convenient, but the excellent care would be worth the detour. The owner is professional, kind and has instilled values and confidence in our daughter over the last 1.5 years.
Highly recommended.
~Sigrid and Peter

I had my first teacher meeting for Sif this afternoon and it was a nice way to chat with the teachers without being on the way in, or out the door. Among some of the positive comments were that they were quite impressed with Sif’s fine motor skills for handling crayons and scissors and other small work with her hands and coordination! I though I would share that since I now you did a lot with her, too, in terms of artwork and other practical tasks.Both Peter and I were impressed with Isaac’s focus and skill at making the letter of the alphabet fit into the right place. Pretty good for a little guy!!

It was cute because there was a window into the room where I was sitting and chatting with the two main teachers and both Thyra and Sif were on the other side of the window with their noses pressed onto the window trying to morph through and join me 🙂
Ok, just a little hello to the Red Morton gang from us!
Much love,

I can vouch for cozybabydaycare too. The owner is a WONDERFUL, kind, warm woman. I highly recommend her. I first met her when I was pregnant and volunteering for the library. I sent both my children to Gina and we were sad to leave as we moved to Palo Alto and found care closer to work/home.
~ Taryn

Our family was with Cozy Family Daycare for over 10 years and we have known the owner for 27 years.  She is kind and caring and provided the care that I wanted for my children.  I thought about my children during the day but never worried about them.  She cares for them with kindness and encourages their natural curiosity.  She is able to adapt her styles to meet the individual child’s needs.  She communicates clearly with the children and the parents.  I would highly recommend her!
~ Karen

Izaak had just turned two years old. He is putting together the alphabet puzzle. He has learned all the letters of the alphabet.

Then along comes Tashi. Izaak age 2, Tashi age 1